Our 1000th Blog Post


Today is a special day for Global Toy News as this is our 1000th blog post.  That's about a half a  million words or almost the same length as War and Peace

Next month will mark three full years of providing commentary on the toy industry.  In that time we have tried to shed light equally on our industry's successes and foibles; our major and minor players; our global associates and everyone else who makes up this fascinating and sometimes bewildering industry.  And by the way, if you are doing research, use our search function.  Between all of  our postings, if you need information on it; we probably wrote about it.

I want to thank all of our wonderful writers who share their opinions and insights so adeptly.  I want to thank Miguel Ortuno of Blue Bot Advertising who does such a great job of designing and reinventing our website. A very big thanks is due our advertisers who making it possible for us to provide our magazine to the industry at no charge.  So, please pay attention to those ads.

Of course, we don't just write for ourselves.  We write for all of you who read and subscribe.  There would be no Global Toy News without you.

So, thank you one and all.  And now, on to number 2,000.



8 thoughts

  1. Hey Richard,
    Congratulations on a job well done.
    I look forward to reading your blog as it is up to date informative, and right on the money.
    Arnold Maggi

  2. Congratulations, Richard! Wow, I wish I’d discovered your Blog in the beginning… but now that I have found it, I’m looking forward to all your future Posts… (Web Monster)

  3. It “takes a village” I know. I’m new to the toy biz, but read your posts consistently and always learn something. Thanks Richard and Congrats on this major milestone!

  4. Hearty congrats, Richard. What an awesome milestone. As a reader of your blog for the past 6 months (sorry, I was late!) I’ve cherished your insights on various occasions.
    There is value to experience and the insights that come from it. You have it. Thanks a lot for sharing it!
    Like to you said – onward ho to 2k!

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