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Richa Dikshit Toy TastingI was impressed by the work of a company in India, "Toy Tasting,' that  showcases, through videos, individual toys that the owner, Richa, qualifies first through toy testing by families.  I think they are well done, soft and highly expressive.  I have asked Richa to share one of her videos.  Below is an example:

The typical Playmobil toy comes with small pieces that are not suitable for kids under 3 years. To address this gap, Playmobil designed the 1-2-3 series, for kids above 18months. The 123 series is designed by making fewer smaller parts, reducing somewhat the number of moving parts. Since the launch of this series, Playmobil has expanded the range to nearly 25 toys, covering traditional themes like Fire Station, Farm, Zoo and Train Set.

We recently reviewed the Take Along Fire Station (from the 123 series). The most useful feature from a parents perspective is that this is a carry-along toy. Quite well suited for travel. The toy itself is quite simple – coming with an office area and a rest room – which are accessible on opening the foldable sidewall of the toy set. A string operated elevator makes for some interesting play for kids. The toy set comes with two standard 7.5cm (3 inches) klickies (as the Playmobil characters are fondly known).
The kids loved the brightly colored and easy-to-hold-pieces. The toys can easily be mixed with other Playmobil toys or for that matter even toys from other manufacturers (e.g. the Duplo series from LEGO).

The Video Review

Toy Tasting Fun Moment
During the making of this video the kids played for a total of 1 hour. While introducing the toy, we told them that Firemen need to reach the emergency spot on time. Later we noticed that they were making the Firemen wake up and get ready in the same tone as children are made to get ready for school, "Come one, come on … no more sleeping lazy bones". Kids!!

See Full Screen video here
Retail Price in USA: $49.99
For the purpose of this toy review we'd like to thank Yellow Giraffe the online toy store
See this video on how a typical Playmobil toy is designed

Richa is the Founder of Toy Tasting,
a video channel about toys. The channel releases 2 videos every week
(Wed and Fri). Each video is released after receiving feedback from at
least 3 families in the Toy Tasting panel. Formerly an investment banker
with Merrill Lynch, Richa is based out of Mumbai, India – where she
stays with her two daughters and husband.

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