Hong Kong + Shenzhen = San Diego + Tijuana?

has long been considered as a manufacturing alternative to China
in fact, some major companies do produce there (think Mattel and Little Tikes).  Still, the amount of toy and
play product produced in Mexico pales in comparison to China’s 86% share of the
world toy market.  Things there may, however, finally be heating up.

That’s what I thought after reading “Mexico: The New
by New York Times reporter,
Chris Anderson.  Here is how the writer describes
modern Tijuana: “[Tijuana] is a city of more than two million
people (larger than neighboring San Diego), and it has become North America’s
electronics assembly hot spot

Anderson is
no longer a full-time reporter.  He now
owns a company, 3D Robotics, that has an office in San Diego and manufacturing
in Tijuana or TJ as he calls it.  In
describing the experience of commuting between the two locations he makes this
intriguing statement:

between the two factories …I’m reminded of a similar experience I had a decade
earlier. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, I lived in Hong Kong…and saw how
that city was paired with the “special economic zone” of Shenzhen.
Together, the two created a world-beating manufacturing hub: business, design
and finance in Hong Kong, manufacturing in Shenzhen…Today, what Shenzhen is to Hong Kong, Tijuana is becoming to San Diego.

This is a fascinating
notion but what makes the San Diego / Tijuana hub attractive to
manufacturers?  That in my next posting.       


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