The 3D Pen; Another Paradigm Shift?

I have been tracking the rise of 3D printing for some
time and have noted in the past that it is offers a potential game changer to
the consumer products industry.
  Just as
Apple disrupted the traditional business model for selling music, 3D printing
has the potential to disrupt the traditional manufacturing business model.  After all, if you have a 3D printer you can
turn any family room into a tiny manufacturing site.  If that happens, there is no need for off
shore manufacturing, containerized shipping, domestic warehouses or even traditional
selling; the designer is king.

That’s why my antenna went up when I got word of the 3Doodler
from WobbleWorks.  It’s a pen that allows
the user to draw in three dimensions.
How cool is that?  Here is how it works:


The company has currently raised $1.7 million on
(check it out).  I can see why.  It will create a whole new platform for
creating art as well as crafts; think pipe cleaners from Mars.  Actually think pipe cleaners from

The inventors are “play industry” veterans.  Peter Dilworth and Maxwell Bogue both
invented at WowWee.   If you want to see
the future of play, keep your eyes on people like Peter and Maxwell.  That’s where they are going.


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  1. You can buy the new 3D games or play your old DSi games, because it comes with a control called a slider. Of course, what really sets the 3DS apart, though, are the amazing stereoscopic 3-D graphics, which are totally customizable using a 3-D depth-slider at the side of the 10%-larger top screen. The 3DS camera is actually two outer 3DS cameras which you can take 3D photos with, and there are a variety of lenses (such as Pinhole lens and Merge lens) to use to make some cool pictures with.

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