A Retailer’s “To Do” List for Toy Fair


Laudin3My friend, Peter Laudin is owner and founder of The Pattycake Doll Company, an e-tailer of specialty dolls for children. Peter sent me a great list of “To Do’s” for retailers visiting Toy Fair and I thought I would share them with you.  

Peter suggests that you ask a vendor the following questions:

Sales information

  • What are your top three sellers in this category?
  • What are your recommended add-ons with these products? Why?


  • What are your shipping lead times from order to shipment?
  • What percentage of your items are on back order at any given time? Are back orders canceled and if so when?
  • What is your freight policy and from where do you ship? Do you offer special Shipping Discounts through UPS or FedEx


  • Do you have a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) and if you do, how soon can I mark a product down if it does not sell?
  • Do you have first order specials or show specials?  What other specials do you offer throughout the year?
  • Do you have minimum order quantities?  For example if there is a minimum three can you  add one or two pieces versus multiples; for example one case of three, two cases of three, etc?
  • Can I call in or email orders or do you insist on a paper order?
  • Do you participate in Buying Groups (Like ASTRA)

Contact Information

  • What is your contact information for customer service, accounts receivable, etc?
  • Do I have a territory rep? Can I choose to be a '”house account?”
  • Do you have a content manager?
  • Do you have a social/digital contact so that we can trade links, likes + and Pinterest boards?

Product origin and materials

  • Who can tell me what materials are used in the product as well as age and safety recommendations?
  • Where are your products made?

Terms and Policies

  • Do you sell direct to consumers, via Shopatron or daily deals sites?  Do you sell to EBay dealers or Amazon vendors?
  • Do you offer different products for Big Box Retailers than you do to Specialty Retailers?
  • Do you offer an advertising allowance? 
  • What are your standard, special and seasonal terms?


  • Do you have jpegs, videos and other digital content for my use?
  • If we need samples photography are they at no charge?
  • What support specifically do you offer for the specialty retailer?
  • Do you supply free racks, displays, signage or mannequins?
  • What do you offer for: Customer promotions, handouts, premiums, give-aways and door prizes?




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