Weird Future Toys; The Strangeness of Auxetic Materials


Are you familair with auxetic materials?  If you are not, you may want to get acquainted because they could be used to create some really weird toys. 

Auxetic materials are a bit exotic in that,
unlike all other substances, they get thicker when squeezed.  Here is how an article"Auxetic Materials – An Introduction"  by P.J. Stott, R.
Mitchell, K. Alderson and A. Alderson abstracted in describes the

Pick up an elastic band and
stretch it lengthways as if you were going to `ping' it at somebody. Before
letting fly, look at the width of your elongated missile – it's thinner than an
unstretched band, as you'd expect. Try this with an auxetic elastic band and
you'd be in for a surprise. These bizarre materials can actually become fatter
when stretched
, a phenomenon which is now attracting the practical interest of
many materials scientists.

Here is a video that demonstrates the phenomena:


And here is a video demonstrating the same phenomenon
using Auxetic foam:


It seems to me that there are some pretty cool toys that
could be made using this material.  If
anyone is currently working with Auxetics let us know.

you Andrew Gottlieb for bringing Auxetics to my attention

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  1. Hey Richard… Fascinating! I agree; this interesting new material may open up a whole new breed of toys. I’m going to try and find some to “feel” it firsthand. Numerous possibilities come to mind! Thanks so much for sharing!

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