Toying with New York; seven places to Go During Toy Fair



Do you want to see the toy sites while in New York for Toy Fair?  You could, like a lot of Toy Fair visitors and exhibitors, make a pilgrimage to the Toys R Us Times Square store. 
  There is certainly nothing wrong with that.  After all, the Times Square store has become a tourist destination along with the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and the American Girl Store.

There are, however, other toy sites in New York that deserve a visit.  Here are a few:

Fat Cat

If you like to drink and play games, then Fat Cat is the place for you.  Located at 75 Christopher at 7th Avenue, the club has, according to its website , “10 pool tables, 10 ping pong tables, 3 shuffleboard tables, 3 foosball machines, and enough chess (with time clocks), checkers, backgammon, and scrabble sets to satisfy a mob.”  I’ve been there and it’s true. 

Brooklyn Super Hero Supply Company

If you are in need of some super hero supplies, say a “46 Oz. Evil Blob Containment Unit” or an anti-freeze sized bottle of Chaos, make sure you make it to 372 5th Ave. Brooklyn, NY.    With tongue in cheek and “real products” you can purchase (the Blob Containment Vessel will run you $25.00), its a hoot and you could learn a few things about putting the fun back into merchandising and marketing.  If you want to check them out before you make the visit, go to

FAO Schwarz

No, it’s not your father’s FAO but it still is a great repository of unique toys from all parts of the world.  Visit and you may be surprised by what you find.  FAO Schwarz is located at 767 5th Avenue, New York, NY.

Scholastic Store Soho

Scholastic’s flagship store is located in Soho, 557 Broadway (Between Prince & Spring Streets).  It contains all things Scholastic from Clifford’s Dog House to the Magic School Bus to Interactive Kiosks and even a Club House.

The Toy Museum of New York

If you want to visit the Toy Museum of New York you will need to travel to 180 Smith Street in Brooklyn.  Once there you will find an array of antique toys but be aware that the museum also houses “Queen Marlene’s Toy Theatre” and you have to attend if you want to see the exhibits.   Check out the website before going at


This 3D Printing Pop Up store is only going to be around from January through February 19 so make the trip to  835 Ave of Americas (6th avenue and 29th street).  You can buy 3D printers or objects printed out on 3D printers.  If you want to learn about the 3D printing business this could be a good place to start.

Barnes & Noble 86th Street Store

If you want to see the right way to create an "Adult" toy and game department make your way to 150

East 86th Street (near 3rd and 86th).  After you're finished run two doors down to Shake Shack and grab a great burger and milk shake (nothing to do with toys, just good food).

If you know of some cool, toy based places to go write in and let us know.



Toying with New York; where toy people need to go while visiitng the city

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  1. Forbidden Planet as someone else mentioned, and Toys R Us Times Square which is the world’s busiest toy store.

  2. LOVE this thread! We’re always looking for good toy stores to visit when in town for toy fair! Thanks Richard!
    I will also add that if you like mathematics, MoMath (Museum of Math) just opened in December and is a place where toys meet math!
    National Museum of Mathematics
    11 East 26th Street
    New York, NY 10010
    Play on!

  3. Richard, thanks for starting this conversation. I’ve not been yet (honest!) but heard about a bar “Dive 75” where they have Battleship, Yahtzee and Connect Four available.
    101 W 75th St
    Upper West Side
    New York
    Would love a reader to provide a review!

  4. Richard:
    Those are all excellent suggestions. However, you left off NY’s premier game store:
    The Compleat Strategist
    11 East 33rd Street (between Madison and Fifth Avenue)
    New York, NY 10016
    While on the subject of food, If hot dogs are more your style, you can visit Papaya King. It’s a half block from the Barnes and Noble on 86th. It’s on the corner of 86th and 3rd.
    See you at the Toy Fair.

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