2012’s Top Ten Most Widely Read Global Toy News Articles

2012 has been a great year for Global Toy News.  Based upon your clicks; here is a list of the top 10 most read articles of the year:

Toys R Us Launches “tabeo”; competes with “Meep”, “Lexibook Junior” and “Kurio”

Kathleen McHugh, 2012 Global Toy News Person of the Year

“Ted the Bear”; Does he belong in the toy department?

U.S. Birthrate Plummets; Look for Fewer Children in Four Years

Dice, a Deck of Cards, Blocks and More; why don't we celebrate the original play platforms?

The Greatest Fictional Robots of all Time; Terminator, AWSOM-O and more


Risky Business; Is the Toy Industry Playing it Too Safe?

KB, Bain Capital and Romney; Toys and Politics

Toy Sales Are Down? Here’s why!

California and Toy Fair

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