The Easy Bake Oven and Boys; What the Hell?


I continue to be mystified why Hasbro has not changed its marketing for the Easy Bake Oven.  The commercials show girls, not boys, which is odd when you consider how many men cook and the amount of testosterone flowing on America’s cooking shows from Antony Bourdain to Iron Chef to Hell’s Kitchen.

I am not alone in questioning this marketing approach.  Check out this video by a 13 year old girl by the name of Mckenna Pope.  

Mckenna is seeking signatures for her petition asking Hasbro to make the ads for Easy Bake Oven gender neutral.  It’s well done and Mckenna is a very articulate young woman. 

It seems like a no-brainer to me.  Watch the video and tell us what you think?


3 thoughts

  1. This is a tough call. I understand why Hasbro might keep to a girl-only angle … more girls use the EBO (no data on this, just a hunch), so why not focus advertising on the target market? Personally, however, I think a gender neutral campaign would not affect sales at all. In fact, Hasbro could take a lesson from the NFL … clearly, more men watch, follow and obsess about football, but marketing and advertising typically include women and men together. I don’t think this affects anyone’s view of the NFL and in fact encourages more women to be fans.
    On a side note, a bigger issue than gender neutrality in toys is the attitude of YouTube viewers, as demonstrated in the comments under the video. As one commenter stated … “re: comments in this vid … humanity is really doomed”. Sad.

  2. I’m with this little girl — but then those who know me well know that some of my favorite toys when I was little were “boys toys.” I adored my LEGOs and loved my Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, but I also played with my American Girl doll. While I understand it is easier to market a product toward boys or toward girls — but should we always settle for what’s easier? Just some food for thought!

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