Toys as Art: Alan Sailer’s Explosive Art

Alan Sailer is an artist who likes to blow up toys (food, candy, ornaments, fruit and more) and photograph them at the moment of detonation.  He uses a firecracker that he fires off with an electric starter timed to a camera.  The results are oddly beautiful and disturbing.

Here are some images I found in the Telegraph article, “The War on Christmas, Alan Sailer’s high speed photos of exploding toys.”  What do you think about Mr. Sailer’s art; let us know?”



3 thoughts

  1. And, the UP side is that you have to go back out there and buy a new model – therefore, kickstarting the economy again! I would suggest tho, boys and girls, NOT to do this at home, as you can get hurt. Explosives can knock out an eye – burn a hand or take off-a-finger! Great photography tho – if you like damaged toys. Ive been collecting TOYS for the last 60+ years — since birth on Aug 9, 1952 and now use them in my MOVIE SCRIPTS – I would never think of doing this to ‘The Family.’ Interesting concept tho, Mr. Sailer has embarked upon!

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