The Hula Hoop as High Fashion






In case you missed it, the famous fashion designer Karl
made a fashion statement last month with, of all things, a hula hoop. 
According to a New York Times article by Caroline Tell (“It’s Been Getting
Lagerfeld “introduced his ridiculously oversize
hula-hoop beach bag
at a Chanel runway show last month.” 

According to the article, it was “Among the most
talked-about accessories
to emerge from this season’s shows….”  But why; Ms. Tells senses that it
demonstrates affection for the hula hoop and Pop-Culture in general.

It appears that the hula hoop launched a half century ago is
the style du jour.  Christie Brinkley,
Michelle Obama, Marisa Tomei and Jimmy Fallon are just some of those Hula hooping
.  And it appears that the toy is going
upscale.  According to Ms. Tell, there is
now a Goat Skin covered Hula hoop.

Should we be surprised by the continuing love for the hula hoop;
not really?  Toys embrace us in youth and
leave their mark.  What other toys would
make for a fashion statement?  It’s
something to think about.




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  1. love this post. the progression i see along these lines is more about fashion that incorporates actual play. this is still a few years out, but outfits that allow you to play games as you go through life are in development. we will be playing 17 games at once just as we go through a normal work day. stopping to actually hula hoop will be an option and make for interesting public spaces.

  2. Toys in fashion, I like it! Next year I predict a connect 4 handbag with visible coins to show off how rich you are or maybe a lego hat so you can redesign it each time you wear to a different red carpet event?

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