Does Disney Want to Play Monopoly? The Disney Hasbro Rumors


Mickey-mouse-3I had to smile when I heard the rumors coming out of Los Angeles
that the Walt
Rich-monopoly-man1Disney Company was considering buying Hasbro.  It would, I thought, truly give them a
Monopoly.  Not only would they have every
license from Mickey Mouse to Transformers but they would actually have
Monopoly, the brand, as well.

We are now told, however, that the
rumors appear to be false.  That’s according
to Terri Schwartz in a Zap2it article entitled: 
denies impending Disney acquisition.” 
Here is how she puts it:

analyst David Faber (via /Film) caught up with Hasbro advisors who claim that
there's "absolutely nothing going on that they are aware of at all, in any
way, shape or form" between Hasbro and Disney. However, that didn't stop
stock in Hasbro from spiking 6.8 percent after news of Disney's potential
multi-billion dollar bid was released.

This may or may not put the rumor to rest; after all it
does sound like a potentially good move for Disney and Hasbro
shareholders.  On the other hand, a
number of years ago Hasbro turned down an offer from Mattel to acquire them so
Hasbro is known for being fiercely independent.

Disney is on the move…stay tuned.


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  1. After buying out the Star wars franchise , Dreamworks, etc, is there any gas left in the tank to purchase another? Maybe in 2 years time., but thats IMHO .

  2. Richard but if Hasbro defines themselves as family entertainment And family Leisure time Company , Disney IS The Giant of this market. So Why not , to me could be highly likely .

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