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Direct Response Television is one of those phenomenons
that are an unavoidable part of modern life for anyone who watches
television. While it is more & more prevalent in the Toy Category few
of us know much about the nuts and bolts of actually preparing and running a
DRTV campaign, not to mention whether it is something that makes
sense for our products.  That is why I asked
 Robert Yusim, the
leading expert on direct response in the toy & youth categories, to write
an article about it.

Rob began his career working directly with Raymond
Kives one of the founders of K-Tel and Quality Dino Entertainment. In 2006 Rob
crossed over into the toy category and started Spin Direct, Spin Master Ltd's
DRTV division, with the launches of Rocket Fishing Rod, Moon Sand, Storm
Launcher and Reflex Heli. Over the past 6 years Rob has launched or licensed
over 100 toy product campaigns in the US, Canada and UK. In 2010 Rob launched
Product Counsel to provide complete turnkey DRTV services to clients, with
emphasis in the toy & youth marketplace, as well as to assist companies and
inventors with acquisitions and/or licensing out their products.


WOW has the DRTV marketplace, in the toy
category changed dramatically over the past several years! Prior to 2006 there
was literally no DRTV activity in the toy category due to a belief in a myth
that toy products would not sell via DRTV. Then in 2006 with the launch of
Floam® by SAS and campaigns for Moon Sand®, Rocket Fishing Rod®, Storm Launcher®
& Reflex® Heli by Spin Master LTD., the myth was obliterated.


From 2007 through 2010, Spin Master
literally dominated the space by launching dozens of campaigns in the RC,
Activities, Outdoor, Collectibles, Doll & Wheels categories. It was
transformational for Spin Master and as a result was transformational for the
entire toy industry. Many major industry players like Mattel®, Hasbro &
Jakks Pacific® have since experimented with DRTV while many smaller companies
have also developed campaigns to gain more exposure for their brands.

All the DRTV activity in the toy
category caught the attention of many of the major As Seen On TV Companies. In
2008/2009 Merchant Media & All Star Products (with Spin Master’s
involvement) had strong success with Bendaroos® in the US, Canada & UK. But
it was the success of Pillow Pets® that not only invented the new category of
Transformational Plush but also brought Ontel® into the category. With their
success with Pillow Pets®, Ontel® has followed up with other youth directed
products, most notably Slushy Magic™ & Dream Lites™,  which is currently trending to be a
major Xmas 2012 driver. Other As Seen On TV companies have also entered the
space including IdeaVillage™ with Fushigi™ (2010), Shimmer Glitter Tattoos™
& Stompeez™, which is also projected to have strong success at retail this
season. The toy category is, more than ever, on the radar of all As Seen ON TV

The results are both positive and
negative for traditional toy marketers…. The Positive… More potential retail
doors for toy marketers as retailers who stock As Seen ON TV products are now
including As Seen ON TV Toys in their ranges; The additional
option/consideration for toy marketers of placing their DRTV Toy Products in As
Seen ON TV departments at mass retailers in addition to the toy departments; The
Negative…More competition for traditional toy companies for licensing and
selling new products as more As Seen ON TV marketers enter the category. As
Seen On TV Companies believe toys are now a trend in DRTV. While Spin Master
opened the door to the trend years ago, traditional toy companies can expect to
see more & more toy marketing from As Seen ON TV Companies in the future.  Its truly remarkable how DRTV has
impacted the toy industry!

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  1. DRTV seems to be one of the best marketing methods for the modern world. It feels like everything should be fast and should be done in just a click. Thanks for sharing.

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