The Spaldeen Ball Makes the New York Top 50

Are toys important?  Some citizens of New York certainly think so.  The New York Times recently developed a list of objects that it felt best represented the city of New York. 
(“A History of New York in 50 Objects.”
After they published the article, they then asked readers to offer up the objects that they felt most
represented the city of New York to them. 

In an article by Sam Roberts, “New York’s 50:
Wait! There’s More
,” the newspaper published the readers' 15 picks.  The list included anything from the pistol
that Aaron Burr used to kill Alexander Hamilton to the Black and White Cookie
to the Subway token.

I am very pleased to state
that the Spalding Spaldeen ball came in at number 9,
right after the brass
doorknob.  According to Wikipedia, the
pink Spaldeen ball was introduced in 1949. 
It was used in stoop ball; stick ball and a myriad of other games…talk
about a play platform.

The world never stands still
so the Spaldeen now comes in a number of colors.  Still, it’s a classic and all of us should be
proud that a simple rubber ball in part characterizes what many consider to be the
greatest city in the world.


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  1. All our Spaldeen HI Bounce balls ended up on a roof 3 minutes after we bought it. , never to be seen again. We had to go back to the cheapy regular ones in Jersey City
    Good Times

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