Retail Conundrum – Looking Up?

Technology in our day-to-day lives is used to entertain, free up our time, improve productivity, and otherwise assist us. But technology, more than serving us, is changing us.


I read recently that some retailers are not stocking product above eye level, because consumers no longer look up, so used as we are now to looking down at the handheld devices in our hands. Really? We are no longer looking up? What is the implication of that?

Of course there is the distraction of being with each other in person, when many others are vying for our attention simultaneously via text, email, incoming calls, Facebook posts, etc. It has become hard to ‘be’ with someone, when one is always at the beck and call of a host of friends, ‘friends’, and others. Technology is not just serving us, but in ways changing us as well.

Distracted walking leads to humorous YouTube videos, but is a real danger to others, not to mention the huge number of distracted drivers on the roads at any one time. I am guilty of that, as well.

So, our walking and driving habits have changed thanks to new technology, and not for the good. We are more connected, yes, but not so much to the road or the equipment we are piloting, or to the world around us through which we are passing.

I suppose technology has always changed us. We drive, where once we walked. We email, where once we wrote letters by hand. We call and Skype, where once we could only visit and talk in person, so there is a good and bad to all technologies and the changes in our lives that they influence. Are some more good than bad, perhaps?

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