Shanghai and Dallas, Traveling the Toy Highway

October is coming and it is time for me and many of you
to begin our trip on the winding road that I like to call the “Toy
It runs from Dallas and
Shanghai in early October through Hong Kong, Nuremberg and New York.  Other notable stops include London, Paris,
Sao Paulo, Moscow and Dubai.

Not everyone makes all of the stops on the “Toy Highway”
but I can tell you that it is a fantastic (if at times wearing)
experience.  I will see many of you in
Dallas at the Fall Toy Preview from October 2-4.  I hope to see more of you at this year’s
China Toy Expo which takes place (along with its sister shows, the China Kids
Expo and the China Licensing Show
) October 11-13. 

Last year was my first at the China Toy Expo and it was
quite an experience.  It is unique in
that it is designed for the Chinese consumer market. 
As a result of that show, I began a new
company, China Ready, as a go between for companies wishing to enter the
Chinese consumer goods market.  My
associates from China Ready and I will be on the floor.

As I have written in the past, China's drop in exports has forced it to develop its domestic
markets.  That means opportunities for
anyone wanting to sell their goods in China. 

So, if you plan to travel the “Toy Highway” this year, plan a stop in
Shanghai.  I think it will be well worth
your time.


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