Holographic ID Tags – Peace Worth Buying?

I recently met up with a vendor who supplies holographic ID tags to many industries, but only one toy company. Made in the USA and not counterfeitable, these tags identify authentic goods, from those that might be sold as, and be indistinguishable from, counterfeits. Counterfeits are often made in the same factories as the real things, by the same people, out the back door after hours and are are therefore identical to the original product. Of course, others are just cheap imitations of the real thing.


Did you know that if a product recall is triggered you are responsible for your authentic goods as well as any and all counterfeits? They have YOUR name on them, despite their factory of origin. A holographic ID tag could determine which, if any, product units a toy company would actually be responsible for in the event of a recall.

In fact, a recall could be tiggered by a counterfeit copy of your product, and YOU would still be liable, unless via holographic tag or other means YOU could prove it was not your product.

These holographic tags can be used to trace each tagged unit back through the logistics chain to the factory of origin. For pennies apiece, they seem like cheap insurance. Toy companies have all manner of insurance against the perils of the world. This might well be peace worth buying.

However – do not be tempted to use the local Chinese holographic tag supplier down the road from the factory, for far less money per unit. Others have tried that and the cost was hundreds of thousands of holographically tagged counterfeits out the door. Beware, and buy American.

Made in the usa
There is an economic war afoot, and has been for a long time, with no sign of overt struggle or of abatement, but war it is, make no mistake.

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