The Secrets of Crowdfunding – Bring your own crowd.

Sarah photo with icon in cornerSarah Dugo

What is crowdfunding really like?  Sarah Dugo, the SVP
of Sales & Marketing and also the owner of College Savings Dolls® (
line of realistic 15" dolls that harness
the power of imaginative play, positive body image, and the child's own creativity
to inspire young girls to save money for their future career goals)
kindly agreed to tell us what she learned from her experience.  Here is what Sarah learned:


As crowdfunding is
fast becoming a viable option for funding both business and non-business
ventures, you need to proceed with caution. Heed the old saying, “If it seems
too good to be true, it probably is."

a recent veteran of two mentally draining and physically time consuming
crowd-funding sites I learned three things:

1.) Publicity is the key. Once you have
begged from friends and family, you have to draw investors from the rest of the
world. There truly is no community of investors, as most sites lead you
to believe. If you don’t have a fan-base, you have to rely on
your social networking skills (no spamming), and create a video that hopefully
goes viral,
ala the bus monitor incident that reached $703,833. Crowdfunding
is viable, for anyone who has a pre-existing fan base and sets-up
a pre-order system for new music, toys, or technology.

2.) Empathy is needed so that people can
feel good about your project. Fast frenzied responses from the world shows an Indiegogo or Kickstarter you are worthy to be on their front page. If you
aren’t on the “projects to watch” page you may never get noticed.
Even if you
are “seen” not all well-intentioned pledges ultimately
come through. 

Idea plus a market ready prototype is an absolute must. Show supporters what
they are investing in
, not just an idea or concept. Backers who give you money
expect a return on investment; this can be in the form of various levels of
thank you gifts-with free shipping included.

The big question is how much is left out of a
$25 donation?  Well, here is the math:

     $25.00 pledge

       -$2.50 site fee (10%)

       -$2.50 tax (10%-considered income, not a

       -$5.00 cost of thank you gift

       -$5.00 for shipping

   $10.00 netted

the big numbers that you have seen advertised, right?!

the onslaught of various sites and the passage of ­­the JOBS Act, crowdfunding
is the unmonitored wild-west of the internet right now.
Will crowdfunding sites
become scrutinized like music downloading & auction sites? Time will tell
but, I think it is inevitable.







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