MOMA’s Century of the Child Exhibition; lots to stimulate your brain

In my last positing, I wrote about my visit to the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition: “The Century of the Child:   Growing by Design 1900 – 2000.”  In this article, I will share some of what intrigued me.


When I saw these two pieces by Czech artists from the 1920's and 30's, all I could think was that they were a precursor to all the wonderful strangeness of the modern Urban Vinyl movement.  The one at the top was by Vaclav Spala and the one at the bottom by Minka Podhajska. 

What year do you think the artist Sophie Taueber-Arp created this wonderful robot that looks like it could pop up in any modern sci-fi movie?  Entitled Konig Hirsch (The Stag King) is was produced in 1918.  That fact certainly turned my head around. 

This wonderful doll house by the British designer Jessie M. King was modeled in 1912.  It looks perfect to house any number of Hobbits.  Maybe someone needs to do a licensing deal wiht Ms. King's descendents.

There is plenty more to see.  So, if you visit the exhibition, please give  us your thoughts.


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