“All Play”; A New Linked In Group

I have started a new group on Linked In called “All Play.”  Its purpose is to create one space where everyone who engages in the business of play (profit and non-profit) can come together to share ideas and points of view.  It is my belief that all play is slowly converging, whether it is in a park, on the Internet or at the kitchen table.   The barriers between play that is for adults and for children are collapsing as well.  The old rules simply no longer apply

Watch a someone and you will see that they could care less into which category a particular form of play falls.  They pick up a cell phone, cast it aside to play a board game and then run outside to play on the swings.  For them, it is all play.

Why then do we, as professionals, create barriers between our respective forms of play?  We need to begin the process of coming together so that we are all part of a new world of play that does not discriminate as to how happiness and joy occurs. 

Whether you are in apps, traditional toys, games, video games, parks & recreation, hobbies & crafts, playgrounds, beach play, educational or whatever else I am not thinking of, join us to discuss what we all have in common.  By doing so, I believe we can make swings swingier, games gamier and crafts craftier.

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4 thoughts

  1. I would love to hear how a amusement park ride developer would do if he or she had a shot at designing toys. They may come up with what you described.

  2. Here’s one for you – Play England has joined forces with UK app experts to create a phone-based mapping tool so that any child can GIS identify their favourite play sites and also see what other kids recommend trying out.
    I’d like to go even further than that, by asking this question – how can we get the funny (ha, ha or peculiar) sensations of swinging, of slight vertigo, of a rollercoaster, of the `leaving your stomach behind’ sensation of a fast elevator, or going over a humped bridge in a car, and build those funny sensations into our new games, toys and especially the educational arenas?
    For example; as adults we know it’s a balance effect on the inner ear but all kids care about is that it feels funny in the tummy. So how do we combine them all – fun sensations, education and games/toys?

  3. As adults, we tend to forget to play. Our family recently moved. At our previous home we had two tree swings. I made it a point to swing every day no matter what. Play!

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