A Look at the New Olive Oyl; Popeye better shape up

I chanced upon the new Olive Oyl website and I have to tell youre, King Features is doing a great job of reinvigorating a 93 year old cartoon character.  They have kept her essential look while making her totally contemporary.  In fact, she looks fashionable.  So fashionable that there are a number of companies licensing Olive Oyl for clothing and shoes.

Olivegallery2If you visit the new Olive Oyl Loves website you will find that she is totally hooked up with the social networks (she’s even on Pinterest) and is reaching out to females of all ages; a very interesting and timely approach.


That’s not all that’s going on with Popeye.  It appears that Sony is doing a 3D Popeye movie.  So, good for King Features, good for Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, Sweetpea, Wimpy and even the Seahag.  Oh yes, good for anyone who is considering a license.  It could get interesting.  Go to the next page to see a really cool take on Olive Oyl.



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