Toys as Art: “Little Indian Summer Girl”

Dream by Kati H 2012
If you ever get the chance to meet Kati Heljakka, I suggest that you do so.   is one of the most impressive people in the global toy industry.  While she is not busy being the Creative Manager at the Finish game manufacturer Tactic, she is busy getting her doctorate in design and architecture; a toy researcher with a specialty in studies of economics, art history and visual culture, an art critic and a visual artist.

That was why I had to go when I heard that Kati was going to have an exhibition of her artwork in Greenwich Village.  The exhibit, “Little Indian Summer Girl.” Kati is a photographer who engages in “doll themed” art.  Here are some more pictures.


Peek by Kati H 2012

2 thoughts

  1. Wow, great stuff. You would probably also enjoy the art of Jason Jerde. he is perhaps the best toy photographer in the US.

  2. Richard,
    I agree. Kati is one of our industry’s ‘must-meet’ people! Talented, creative, interesting, hard-working, generous, beautiful… the list goes on.
    Congrats, Kati, on your exhibition! If I make it to NYC this summer, I will make a point to stop by.

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