LIMA Las Vegas 2012 Delivers






Last week’s Licensing Expo 2012 in Las Vegas was full of excitement and a-buzz with activity. Attendance was up for the show with many people doing deals dashing from meeting to meeting. “The show was a huge success," said Charles Riotto, President of Licensing International Merchandisers Association (LIMA). "The exhibit floor had high energy with great enthusiasm and optimism.”

Both I and my poor achin’ feet agree with Charles. From the entertainment giants of Disney, Dreamworks and Warner Bros. to the new fashion element there was lots to see at the show. It was great to see new items as well as classics out in force. There were miles to cover. I wish I’d worn my pedometer!

It was great to see classic boys’ properties like Power Rangers with an impressive presence celebrating 20 years to new boys’ properties like Monsuno that just launched this year. There were lots of cool costumed characters running around the aisles posing with fans.

For the first time there was a section just for fashion. "We were excited to feature a dedicated fashion section exhibiting for the first time at the Licensing Show," said Charles. This new addition was fun and busy, and I can imagine that area continuing to grow.

There was a nice upbeat vibe to the show and Charles had it right when he mentioned the sense of optimism and energy coming from both licensors and attendees. It’s always a fun show, but this year there seemed to be the extra bustle that is a good sign for our business.


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