Self-Healing Plastic and “Geckskin”; new materials for toys?

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Those who invent our toys and games are in many ways limited to the materials with which they have to work
.  At one time, metal was the primary material used in making toys along with rubber and wood.  In the 1960’s shatter proof plastic became the material of choice. 

What, however,  would inventers invent if they had recourse to either new materials or refinements in existing ones?  What would our inventors do with plastic that heals itself?  They may soon find out

as, according to Gajitz, Professor Marek W. Urban at the University of Southern Mississippi has developed a plastic that operates like human skin, it heals itself if it is cut or broken.

Or how about Geckskin”, a new adhesive based upon Gecko feet, yes I said Gecko feet.  Geckskin turns out to be a strong adhesive that leaves no residue when peeled off.

So, it occurred to me that rather than wait for new materials, our inventor and designer community could tell us what materials they would like to see.  So, inventors, write in and let us know.

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