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California-mapWhat percentage of exhibitors at the New York Toy Fair are from California?
  That was the question that one of our readers, Hohn Charles, asked in response to my blog posting, “California; the Toy Capital of the United States."

What caused him to ask the question was my noting that, according to data generated by the Toy Industry Association, California was the largest contributor to the U.S. toy economy.  20% of all dollars contributed to the US economy by the toy industry were generated in that state.  That’s more than Washington (9.1%), Texas (7.1%), New York (5.2%), and Ohio (4.5%) combined.

I thought it was a great question so I went to the source, Marian Bossard, Vice President Meetings & Events at the Toy Industry Association.  Marian very kindly responded to my query

with the following information:

California accounts for 16.5% of all exhibitors at the New York Toy Fair.  That 16.5% of exhibitors impressively accounted for 22.84% of exhibition space.  That is right in line with the 20% economic contribution figure cited above.

The more you look at these numbers the more it makes you think that the Toy Industry Association needs to hold a major event in California.  I think it would be good for the industry.  What do you think?



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