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The recently passed JOBS Act is creating a stir as more small and medium sized companies want to know where to go to crowdfund (aka crowd source) capital for their businesses.  We continue to stay on top of the law (JOBS Act webinar).  One question that comes up is:  "What are the best websites for crowdfunding?"

We recently published a posting entitled “Crowdfunding Sites; Crowdtilt, AngelList, Crowdfunder, Kickstarter and more” in which we listed what USA Today saw as the top “8 crowdfunding sites to watch.” 

Things continue to evolve and we have found an interesting website, Crowd Funding ReviewAs the name implies, they rate the crowdfunding websites based upon how heavy their traffic is; ease of use; cost to get funding; ease of acceptance and how active the community is. Their website lists what they see as the Top 7.  At this time, it is difficult to say who is right and who is wrong so we make no recommendations.  We did, however, think you would find it interesting to compare the two lists.

Here is Crowd Funding Review's top 7: 

GoFundMe.Com            5 Stars              4 Stars             4 Stars                    4 Stars                4 Stars              3 Stars            3 Stars

As you may recall, USA Today listed these 8 sites (not in any particular order):









As you can see, there are three websites that are included on both lists:  Crowdtilt, Indiegogo, Kickstarter.  We found it interesting that Kickstarter, easily the most well-known, was rated 7th.

As we move through this period of uncertainty and rapid change, we will continue to monitor events and information.  Please help us do so by letting us know about your experiences.

To learn more about the JOBS Act, attend our webinar, "The JOBS Act; what you need to know."


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  1. Being that Kickstarter is the most well known, do they have more views & are you more likely to get contributors? Wondering from a personnel perspective.
    I only looked at the first two listed, & found people trying to fund philanthropic causes. Has crowd funding moved away from the small business/entrepreneurial/design market to be a more general plea for money?

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