Here’s to You, Ronald Howes.

From an article I read recently, and I quote: 

"Back in 1963, Ronald Howes–the same man responsible for the invention of such childhood delights as Play-Doh, Spirograph, and the Give-a-Show Projector–created the Easy-Bake oven. Howes sold the idea to Kenner toys (now a division of Hasbro), which officially unveiled the first Easy-Bake oven at the 1964 Toy Fair. The toy that would win the hearts of generations of aspiring chefs quickly began flying off the shelves."




If Mr. Howes did indeed invent the Easy-Bake Oven, Play Doh, Spirograph, and the Give-a-Show Projector, he is the most unheralded of industry inventors and worthy of nomination and induction into the Toy Hall of Fame! 


What other unheralded creators of iconic toys are yet unknown?

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