The Gravitational Pull of Giant Games


Have you seen one?  Are you drawn to them?  Giant Games seem to be popping up more and more often at game fairs across the country and sometimes (if my guests are lucky) in my living room.  At ChiTAG alone, we’ve seen a giant Wobble (Identity Games), Word on the Street (Out of the Box), Q-Bitz (Mindware) and Jenga (Hasbro). Last year at GenCon I saw a giant Pass the Pigs (Winning Moves) and Toy Fair I saw a giant Solitaire Chess (Think Fun).   I also hear that there is a giant Stomple (Spin Master) and SWISH (ThinkFun) making their way around the country and ThinkFun has new "giants" in the works.  Whew!


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m 110% for this trend, I just wonder what it is that excites everyone about playing a giant sized game.  Recently I had a game night in which I had regular Jenga and Giant Jenga available for play.  No one even considered touching the regular Jenga but EVERYONE wanted to play the Giant Jenga.  Of course it could be that I’m the only cool kid on my block with my own Giant Jenga set and it’s special, but is there more to it?  Does it make us feel like a kid again playing with something that makes us feel small?  Or is it purely because it’s a novel thing that we only stumble across every freak once in a while?  Why does this change in size create such excitement?  Whatever the reason, I love seeing these oversized behemoths – like most fair goers, I gravitate to them.



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  1. Kim. Thanks for this post. I didn’t even realize this was going on. I’ll have to look into it. Seems very cool. As long as they don’t make a giant MouseTrap game! Yikes.

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