Univision, ABC Start a 24 Hour English Language Channel for Hispanics

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I like to track the growth in numbers as well as economic and cultural clout of the Hispanic (sometimes called Latino) population in the United States.   I think it’s important that toy and play companies incorporate this rapidly growing group into their marketing plans.   

Recent article have included: “Hispanics and Asians Make Up 98% of Population Growth in Big Cities” and “Lionsgate Studio joins with Televisa to go after the Hispanic Market; some lessons for the toy industry.”  Now we learn in a Huffington Post article, “ABC News, Univision Announce New English Language Cable Channel Aimed at Latinos,” that because the Hispanic population is “the youngest and fastest-growing demographic in the U.S.," these two media companies see the need for a channel that speaks to them in English rather than Spanish. 

Here is what I think:

This new network does not yet have a name.  That tells me that ABC and Univision felt they had to move fast because they are concerned that some other media company (ies) will beat them to the punch.  You always want to be a first mover.

Hispanics are far more assimilated into the English language than is commonly thought in the wider population.  Why else would the station be in English rather than Spanish. 

I would conclude that much of this viewership will be made up of second and third generation Hispanics who still identify with the culture but not the language.

Toy and play companies would be wise to pay attention to the growing impact of this population that is 50 million strong and growing rapidly in importance.  If it wasn’t, believe me ABC and Univision would not be spending the money to set this network up. 

What are you doing to appeal to Hispanic consumers?  Let us know.


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