The Hidden Benefits of Playing with Toys

The following is paraphrased from the Able Play website, whose mission is "to highlight toys that are fun and appropriate for children, especially those with special needs."

While toys are a highlight of childhood, they also have hidden benefits. Here are several such hidden benefits of a good toy appropriate to the user:  

1. A good toy engenders social connection. Like magnets, toys connect kids socially. They promote interactions between siblings, adults, and friends alike and they encourage inclusion of children with disabilities.

2. Good toys build self esteem. Many toys help children build skills and develop confidence. Through play kids explore, discover, and develop new skills and learn new ways to deal with the world.

Playing with blocks

3. Good toys encourage self motivation. Toys can be used as rewards and motivators to encourage positive behaviors.

Stressed out kid
4. Good toys provide stress relief. Play is the perfect way to release the stress of school or social situations. Play can help a child get out of a bad mood through creating an imaginary world they control and delight in.

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