The Best Table Top Games to Play at a Bar

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Its friday so I decided to share with you this fun article from the Bleacher Report website entitled The 50 Greatest Sports Bar Games.”  It was written by a guy named Zachary D. Rymer and he pretty much covers the waterfront of what you can play at a bar while drunk. So, I chose the ones that were the most pertinent to the game and toy industry.    That means I left out things like Karaoke (#50), Wii Bowling (#48) and Erotic Photo Hunt (an impressive #16).  So here you go:

#13       Trivial Pursuit               

#14       Paper Football             

#17       Liar’s Dice                    

#45       Dominoes                    

#46       Chess                          

#47       Checkers

What was missing was Backgammon which a number of years ago was a major bar game.  I also don’t see Jenga (which really gets harder the more you drink) or Craps.  What games do you think are missing?

By the way, #1 was Beer Pong.

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  1. I’m amused that Beer Pong was #1 when I’ve never played it or seen it played in a bar. I’ve only ever seen it played at college parties. I’ve seen Poker, Blackjack, and Tichu played far more often at bars (Like… Ever) than Beer Pong. Paper Football is another oddity for me; never seen it at a bar, but perhaps that’s just me.
    It’s a shame that Crokinole is so expensive and takes so much space. Ignoring those traits, it’d be a great bar game.
    I released a free pint-and-play game in early 2000 called Seven Pennies ( ). It enjoyed some popularity in the New York bar scene, but has largely faded into obscurity again.
    Jonathan L.

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