ChiTAG’s Toy Mashup – An Invitation to Play!


What do G.I. Joe and broccoli have in common?  They both wear green.  Their heads look similar (at least the flocked hair version of Joe does).  And, they both ‘stalk’ their enemy.  Brocolli Stalker 

Like thousands of unexpected combinations, the elements of this remix or ‘mashup’ could morph into almost anything; based entirely on an individual’s imagination, interpretation and spin.  Countless mashup genres exist today ranging from music artists, to videos, TV shows and advertising, to literature and food, just to name a few.  Several Toy Story video mashups exist, but are there any sites entirely dedicated to toy mashups?  Have you seen any?

Toy Mashup Logo_jpegWith the 10th anniversary of the Chicago Toy & Game Fair happening this November, we have decided to start the celebration a little early and create a fun opportunity for toy and game designers as well as the general public.  This is a unique outlet for EVERYONE to express and display their inventiveness and playful thinking.  This is an opportunity to unleash your wildest, craziest ideas without the worry of manufacturing, marketing or distributing anything!  How often does that combination happen?

So start creating the wildest toy concoctions you can dream of using all sorts of subject matter:  food, tools, nature, household items, you name it.  The possibilities are endless and the sky’s the limit.  After you’ve created your mashup(s), show us what you’ve got each Friday by posting to The Chicago Toy and Game Fair Facebook page:  Or, stop in and "like" creations posted by others.  

Toy Mashup Examples And, if having fun is not reward enough, we will be giving prizes to the winning entries (details to follow on the ChiTAG Facebook page). Prizes will be awarded to toy industry professionals as well as those from the community who participate.

So what do G.I. Joe and broccoli have in common?  Well,…they may both end up on the Chicago Toy and Game Fair Facebook page at some point.  How they are ‘mashed' is entirely up to all of you! 


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  1. Thanks Linda and Doreen.
    This is a really great opportunity for those in the toy industry, as well as individuals who aren’t toy and game professionals, to unleash their creativity and just have some fun!

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