Beyonce, Breast-feeding and Promoting Play


This week’s Time Magazine has an article about Beyonce and other celebrities promoting breast-feeding – that breast-feeding is more cool and hip if celebrities are doing it.  Beyonce

Beyonce also loves playing board games. Jay-Z said he went out and bought an armful of board games to keep her home when she was pregnant. Beyonce, Jay-Z and Kanye West play Connect 4 into the night and very competively. 

There are a lot of other celebrities who play board games (didn’t find any celebrities who still play with toys). I have collected articles over the years and did an internet search for this blog – all easy to find and very public. 

Promoting play as cool and hip is another strategy along with promoting our inventors as celebrities and
the importance of play to our wellbeing to better compete with other entertainment options.  Brad and angie


Celebrity              Toys/Games
Adam Sandler        various board games
Al Gore                  Cranium
Alan Alda               Spite and Malice, Chess
Albert Einstein       Go
Alyssa Milano         Taboo
Amy Winehouse      Boggle, Scrabble and Pictionary
Angelina Jolie         various board games
Arnold Schwarzenegger Chess
Ashlee Simpson      Monopoly
Ashley Judd            Go Goddess, Pictionary
Ashton Kutcher       Dominoes
Barack Obama        various board games with daughters
Beastie Boys           Scrabble, Mahjongg
Ben Affleck             Poker, Chess

Beyonce Knowles     Guess Who, Connect Four
Bianca Jagger         Bingo
Bill Clinton              Hearts, Oh Hell, Bingo
Bill Gates                Bridge, Chess
Billy Bob Thornton   various board games
Bono                       Checkers, Chess
Brad Pitt                  Poker
Brooke Shields         Charades
Bruce Willis             Dominoes Eva
Camryn Manheim     Cribbage
Carol Burnett           Scrabble
Cast of That '70s Show – Monopoly
Catherine Zeta Jones – Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Yahtzee
Charles Schulz         Bridge

Charlize Theron       Dominoes
Chris Martin            Scrabble
Chris Rock              Chess
Christina Aguilera    various board games, Scrabble
Chuck Palahniuk       Uno, Trivial Pursuit
Craig David              Monopoly
Daryl Hannah           various board games, Liebrary, Bingo
David Schwimmer     board games, Poker
David Walliams        Dominoes
Demi Moore             Dominoes, puzzles
Derek Jeter             Connect Four
Dido                        Scrabble
Donna Karan            Dominoes
Drew Barrymore       board games, Dominoes
Dwight Eisenhower   Bridge
Ellen DeGeneres       really into board games
Erin O’Connor          Dominoes
Eva Herzigova          Dominoes
Eva Longoria            Dominoes, Cluedo, Scrabble  and more
Franco Columbo        Chess
Gabrielle Union         Scrabble Jennifer
George Clooney        poker
Guy Ritchie              Chess, Scrabble
Gwen Stefani            Dominoes
Gwyneth Paltrow       Scrabble
Hank Azaria              Charades
Helen Hunt                Charades
Hillary Clinton            various card games with staff
Jack Nicholson           card games
Jacob Bronowski        Go James Bond Bridge
James Franco            Dominoes
James Van Der Beek   Dominoes
Jamie Lee Curtis        Scrabble, board games
Javier Bardem            Dominoes
JAY-Z                         Connect 4

Jeff Bridges                Pass the Pigs

Jemima Khan             Dominoes Justin

Jenna Fischer             Carcassonne, Lost Cities, Bohnanza
Jennette McCurdy       board games such as Monopoly, Clue, Moods and Life
Jennifer Aniston         Dominoes, Scrabble, Charades, Poker
Jennifer Lopez            Dungeons and Dragons
Jennifer Tilly              poker
Jeremy Piven              Dominoes
Jerry Hall                    Monopoly
Jessica Alba                board games, Dominoes, Apples to Apples
Jimmy Kimmel            Scrabble and others
Joan Collins                Scrabble
John Horton Conway    Go John Travolta Scrabble
Josh Hartnett             Dominoes
Jude Law                    Chess
Julia Roberts              Cranium
Julia StilesPoker         Monopoly (with real money)
Justin Bieber              various board games
Justin Timberlake       Scrabble, Cranium
KANYE WEST               Connect 4 

Kate Hudson                Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Dominoes, Scrabble, Charades, Poker (hosts game nights)
Katherine Jackson (Michael's mom) Pictionary Ellen

Katie Holmes                Dominoes
Katy Perry                    Taboo
Keanu Reeves               Scrabble
Kellan Lutz                    board games
Kelly Brook                    puzzles
Ken Marino                   Scrabble
Kenny Loggins               various board games
Kim Kardashian             various board games
Kristen Bell                    Scrabble
Kristen Johnson             Charades
Kristen Stewart              various board games, Snakes and Ladders
Kylie Minogue                 Scrabble
Lucy Liu                         Dominoes
Madonna                        Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Chess
Mandy Moore                  Scattergories
Marie Osmond                dolls   
Martha Stewart              Scrabble
Martina Navratilova        Bridge
Matt Damon                   poker
Matthew Perry                poker
Mel Gibson                     Scrabble
Michael Bolton                Scrabble
Michael Owen                 puzzles
Michelle Trachtenberg     Dominoes
Mick Jagger                    Monopoly
Mila Kunis                       Settlers of Catan
Milla Jovovich                 Dominoes
Mimi Rogers                   Poker, Go Goddess Quentin
Mischa Barton                 board games
Moby                              Scrabble
Natalie Imbruglia            Dominoes
Natalie Portman              Pictionary
Neil Patrick Harris          Taboo
Nelly                              Chess
Nick Lachey                    Trivial Pursuit
Nicolas Cage                   Chess
Nicole Kidman                 Scrabble
Nicollette Sheridan          Scrabble
Olivier Martinez              Dominoes
Omar Sharif                    Bridge
Orlando Bloom                Dice and card games
Paul Giamatti                 Go Penelope Cruz Dominoes
Peter Jackson                 board games
Philip W Anderson           Go Phish Chess
Queen Elizabeth II           Scrabble
Quentin Tarantino           collects '70s board games
R.E.M.                            Cranium
Radiohead    &
#0160;                  Bridge
Renee Zellweger              various board games
Rich Sommer                   board games, Die Macher
Richard Branson               Chess
Ridley Scott                     Dominoes
Robbie Williams               Checkers
Robert Pattinson              various board games
Robin Williams                 Go 

Rosie O'Donnell                various board games Shaq

Rumer Willis                   Dominoes
Russell Crowe                  Master and Commanders
Salma Hayek                    board games, Dominoes
Shaquille O'Neal                Scrabble (see picture of Shaq and Jimmy Kimmel playing Scrabble)
Sharon Osbourne              Bingo
Sharon Stone                    Scrabble, Dominoes
Shirley Manson                 Scrabble
Sienna Miller                    Dominoes
Snoop Dogg                      Dominoes
Stephen Colbert               Dungeons and Dragons
Sting                               Chess, Scrabble
Stuart Townsend              Dominoes
Tamara Beckwith             Dominoes
Tasha Danvers                 puzzles
Tobey Maguire                 Backgammon, Poker
Tom Cruise                      Dominoes, Scrabble, Charades, Poker Daryle
Victoria Beckham             Dominoes
Warren Buffet                  Bridge
Wil Wheaton                    true gamer
Will Smith                        Chess
Will Wright                      Go 
William H. Macy               Charades
Willie Nelson                    Dominoes
Woody Allen                     Chess
Zooey Deschanel               various board games





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  1. It’s really great to see that celebrities love to play board games as well. We believe that the experience we can get from playing board games is incomparable especially in this day and age where hand-held and electronic devices are everywhere. If you like both word games with Math twist yet fun and can have a lot of social interaction at the same time, pls. check out our newly invented word game called Bull’s-eye were people say they enjoyed more than Scrabble. It’s a word game like no other. Check out our website and see how our game can be fun, build confidence and socialization in every player :)Great for ages 5-85 🙂

  2. Very beautiful pictures of your game fair. I would like to attend these kind of game fair in future. I like board games specially scrabble,because it’s a knowledgeable game.

  3. Hi Kate,
    Thank you for commenting.
    Actually, these are games the stars listed currently play, not ones from their childhood.
    Everyone has different tastes in music, books and games!

  4. The list seemed so one dimensional. There are 100’s of games out there that are more interesting and fun than the ones listed. It almost seems like people just listed one they remember from their childhood and moved on.

  5. Dominoes is a numbers/math game. You score multiples of 5. I think its called Klondike. Matching is the basic game. Go to the barrio or the hood and see how mathematical you have to be to win.

  6. Hi Tom,
    Interesting point about math games. My guess is that people in movies, television and theatre are more about words than numbers. That’s why so many of them play Scrabble.

  7. Hi Mary. Nice to know that celebrities can be like the rest of us but sad not to see even one of them playing a numbers/maths game. Or can I take some small comfort in thinking that the ones that have declared a blanket “various board games” might just have one lying around.

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