Children’s Movies for 2013; Yawn

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2012 has not been a great year for toy industry movie tie-ins.
 There have been too many movies chasing too few dollars and the result has meant disappointment at the box office and on toy store shelves.   

KOTEMaking it more challenging has been  a lack of creativity by the movie studios.  There were just too many sequels and too few fresh concepts.  So, how are we looking for 2013?

Movie Insider” has a list of movies that are to be released in 2013. I have to tell you, I am not excited by what I am seeing.

For starters, there appear to be more sequels than ever.  In fact, there are six numbered sequels:

1.     Iron Man 3

2.     Despicable Me 2

3.     Smurfs 2

4.     Grown Ups 2

5.     Thor 2

6.    Star Trek 2 (really number 12)

There is also a prequel:  Monster University (a prequel to Monsters, Inc.)

If that was not enough to make you yawn, there are eight do overs of classic properties:

1.     Oz the Great and Powerful

2.     Tarzan

3.     Arabian Nights

4.     Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

5.     I Frankenstein

6.     Jack the Giant Killer

7.     The Lone Ranger

8.     Superman Man of Steel

All, however, is not lost.  Fortunately, the list did contain a few new titles:  Disney is releasing King of the Elves which is based on a Phillip K, Dick short story.  There is also Escape from Planet Earth, After Earth, Walking with Dinosaurs and There and Back Again, the new Hobbit movie.

Over all, I am not impressed.  Do you think one of these will emerge as the next Toy Story, Ice Age or Finding Nemo?  What do you think of what is coming out in 2013? Let us kno

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  1. I agree…this is the most awful list of movies I have ever seen projected. Laziness in general by the producers. 2011 was not great;but there were some that had merit.

  2. I agree with you related to your comments. In general 2013 apparently will not be a great year related to new blockbuster for kids, but maybe Disney may surprise us as always do it. They have several projects, Monsters, King of the elves and one that is not on your list, I am talking about planes, you may see the information in internet. I think it may be a great film, see link below.

    Moreover we never

  3. Too many mega-buck movies with huge budgets means the studios are going to stay safe, and hence the number of sequels, etc.
    It is difficult to see this trend breaking down since the consumer is innately conservative and is likley to be satisfied with this offering.

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