Social Media Fits All Sizes at New York Toy Fair






The top takeaway I got from this year’s fun and exciting New York Toy Fair is that having your social media presence during events and trade shows is vital with live tweets and exclusive updates about your product.  And if you have a new product, getting Mommy Bloggers involved is key.

The Mommy Bloggers have been buzzing about new toys from NYTF. There were many Mommy events where the moms raked in the freebies. Many manufacturers sponsored major Mommy Blogger events, treating the Moms like royalty and showering them with goodies.

The Mom Bloggers then have reciprocated by giving honest reviews on product, contests with their loyal followers, Twitter parties and generally spreading positive accolades about the toys they reviewed.

Check out websites like Dad Does, Hoo-dee-Hoo, Momma in Flip Flops, The Little Style File and Mom to Bed by 8 to see what some members of this increasingly influential group are talking about. Melissa and Doug had some really terrific events at Toy Fair, along with other manufacturers like Razor, Mattel, Think Fun and Citiblocs. No matter if you're a large company or small company, you can always have a social media presence. A strong social media presence is more important than ever when it comes to drawing their attention to your product. 


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  1. You’re right. Any product or event won’t be properly promoted if they’re not promoted online. Tweets and FB stats are necessary to generate buzz about the event. Plus, the internet reaches millions of people around the globe so it really is important.

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