The Product is Not the Product

After this most recent Toy Fair excursion it has occurred to me again that the product is not the product. As product designers by training, we may think that it is, of course. It makes sense, but it is not quite true.   

TurnaroundThe ultimate product that we create is the relationship that we build and maintain with companies and individuals. That relationship is built by service to the client, and a great product is only a part of that service. We provide the product that our clients need and want, we assist them in the development of that product, and we help them bring the product successfully to market.    

If we impress our clients every step of the way, if we under-promise and over-deliver, and if, when they ask, we do without fail, then they will want to get their next product from us, as well, because we make their lives easy. We consistently deliver results on time and on budget. Of course they would want to continue to work with us.     

A product is for one year only. A strong relationship can last decades and result in many successful products. We endeavor to find great companies and teams for whom we can be a strong partner and collaborator, and together we can bring great products to market.  

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