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In modern China, the culture, business practices, media and everything else you can think of are different from anything to which westerners are used.  It is for that reason that I have set up a new company, China Ready Limited, which will direct western companies in effectively entering the Chinese toy market.   My partner in this venture is Wai Or, a toy industry leader whose family of companies, Longshore, Richbo and Legend have been manufacturing in China for over thirty years. 

At a time when the economies in Europe and the US are flat, it’s nice to think that there are 250 million middle class Chinese ready to buy toys.  As a result, I have for some time now been writing about the opening of the Chinese consumer market and what it can mean for western toy companies. 

Our team in China and Hong Kong has an in-depth knowledge of Chinese business practices, society and culture.  China Ready will use their experience and knowledge to provide our clients with:

  1. The right distribution partners.
  2. Cultural translations of their products so that their products reflect the correct themes, names, colors, play patterns and pricing.  (What is a cultural translation?  It is the act of taking a brand, a product and a package from the originating culture and interpreting it so that it looks right, sounds right and feels right to a consumer so that they buy it.)
  3. An effective business model for the Chinese consumer market place.
  4. Strategies and tactics as well as key contacts information and economic data.
  5. Access to our data base of distributor and retail buyers.
  6. Access to Chinese industry professionals (Public relations, advertising, licensing, package design, sculpting, manufacturing, etc.)

If you are a company that sees the big opportunity China, contact us at Info@chinareadytoys.com

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