Should Toys R Us Only Sell Toys?

With over 800 stores in the US and 1700 stores world wide, Toys R Us is the world’s largest retailer of toys and games. They report that their core business is strong and growing – and this despite a drop in birth rates, cost increases everywhere, general economic turmoil, and competition from the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and I don't know what-all-else.               

Now, that is good news as to the health of the traditional toy and game business. Some have reported and been of the opinion that seeing non-toy baby goods in TRU signals a replacement of toys by more reliable or profitable non-toy products. But, in fact, placing Babies R Us merchandise in Toys R Us stores increases sales of both toys and baby products. It's a win- win. Those of us in the toy industry want to see – need to see – a healthy, profitable Toys R Us.            

Buy toys. They are an investment in joy and happiness and they can be counted on to pay consistent dividends in laughter.

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