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Image1        When you come to think of it, it's not if you are entrenched in social media, but how are you using it to your advantage.

       Just take a look at the results of a Shopper Sciences study of 5,000 shoppers commissioned by Google. Interestingly, the ceo of the research firm noted, “we’ve seen a 300% increase in mobile phone influence scores on shopping behavior from 2010 to 2011, and that was before smartphone penetration hit the 50% mark.”

       In an earlier column, I mentioned the failure of many toy companies to either create a website or create one that was effective.

       If you have one, is it optimized for mobile? Just because the site can be viewed on a mobile device does not mean it is easy to navigate. The best test is to view it on your own phone. Do you have to zoom a lot or make mistakes on what you intended to tap, etc.? Google did a survey in 2010 and discovered “that only 21% of our top advertisers had mobile-optimized websites. The other 79% didn’t. In my mind those numbers should be flipped,” said Jim Lecinski, managing director of sales & service for Google.

       It’s absolutely crucial that toymakers and sellers jump in on this, care about it, learn about it, engage and dedicate time and money to this.

       I loved Lecinski’s compelling analogy: “You’d never set up a corporate 1-800 number with nobody to answer the phone. (Would you?) You wouldn’t build one and just let it ring. “The Internet is that 1-800 number, and it’s been set up for you even though you didn’t ask for it. Image1

        “People are ‘calling’ you with their web searches every minute of every day. Grandma doesn’t just phone 1-800 Butterball now—she searches online for, ‘How do I know when the turkey’s done?’ If turkey is your business, you’d better be there with a helpful answer…If people search for your products and you don’t answer that search, who do you think will answer?”

       Who, indeed?

 Lisa Orman founded her virtual business, KidStuff Public Relations, 18 years ago, when AOL was the only email service and the internet was a baby. Connect with her on her company blog at, on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to her Youtube channel.






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