A Rising Star – Hard to Believe He is Just 17


I'd like you to 'meet' an extraordinary person – Nick Metzler. He won the ChiTAG Young Inventor Challenge senior division for the second year in a row and received a licensing Nick Metzler deal – his game is expected to be on the shelves this fall. He is one of the brightest, creative and most articulate people (young or old) I have ever met. He’ll be presenting at the TOTYs again with me as part of his prize package (the TIA is a very generous sponsor of the Young Inventor Challenge).

His interview with Gina Manola of Calico, one of the organizers of the Young Inventor Challenge, is a must read. It is difficult to believe Nick is only 17 when you read his interview. You will be seeing more of him in the future, whether it is in our industry or another, I just know it. 


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