Top 10 Global Toy News Articles of 2011

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It is fascinating to go back and see which blog postings got the most readership this year.  Those of you who have been reading us will be interested to see what your fellow readers found interesting.  Those who are new to Global Toy News might find these interesting to read now.

So, based upon your visits, these are the top 10 postings of 2011 with number 1 being the most read:

1.    The 2011 Target Toy Catalog; a gender critique  Richard Gottlieb

2.    My Top 10 List of Toys with “Play Power”  Richard Gottlieb

3.    Manufacturing your products in the USA; Hasbro steps up with a domestic contract manufacturing service  Richard Gottlieb

4.    Neil Friedman, Toys R Us and what it may really mean  Richard Gottlieb

5.    When Games Explode; Part III of III: The Tipping Point Rob Bartel

6.    Toys R Us and Neil Friedman: What it really meant!  Richard Gottlieb

7.    A Thinking Man’s Game Guy  Bruce Lund

8.    Wal-Mart's scary ride; sales keep going down  Richard Gottlieb

9.   Play As Therapy, a way for children to express themselves  Dr. Amy Wickstrom

10.    Viet Nam, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Thailand, Russia and India; what I learned after five weeks on the road  Richard Gottlieb

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