Important Survey on Global Icons for Packaging

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I am working with The Toy Research Institute (AIJU) on a worldwide research project involving the use of one global set of icons to be used on packagingWe would like you to help us by filling out a survey.  By doing so you will help us determine the level of interest in a global set of icons and if so which icons are most relevant.  It's short so it  will literally only take a few minutes.   You can access the survey by clicking here.

Why a universal set of icons? Because a one set of icons will allow us to cut down on the use of language and thereby reduce the need for different packages for different countries

Is there a problem with the current icons?  Yes,it appears there is as there are currently over 400 different icons in use.  For example, the Toy Research Institute found that there are currently 20 different icons being used to indicate that a toy requires batteries

So, please help the global toy industry and your own company by taking a few minutes to fill out this survey.  Please click here  to take the survey.

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