Hispanic Women Come of Age

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There are now more Hispanic women living in the United States (25 million) than the entire population of Australia (22.5 million).  According to an interesting article in The New York Times, “Marketers, and Media Companies, Set Their Sights on Latin Women,” 8 million of these women are born in the US and are over 18.  That means that they are in most cases bilingual and bicultural.

Are we as an industry actively advertising in any of these magazines?  If not, maybe we should.

Here is why:  According to the article, while ad spending for ink on paper magazines has gone down, spending for magazines that cater to the Hispanic market has gone up.  “People en Español, the Spanish-language version of People magazine published by Time Inc., had a 35 percent increase in ad revenue.”  The article mentioned several magazines servicing this market: Latina Magazine, People en Espanol, Cosmopolitan en Espanol, Siempre MujerWhat struck me in reviewing these magazines was how sophisticated they were.  These readers are smart and sophisticated.

Of the magazines mentioned, the one that most intrigued me was Latina Magazine.  It is written in what the article calls “Spanglish”, English with Spanish words sprinkled in. It seems to recognize that most Hispanic women live and work in an English speaking culture and therefore speak it regularly.  As an aside, it makes you think that that may be what English is going to look like in the coming years.

Look for the Hispanic community to become more main stream and for the media that services it to do so as well.  Also, look for that mainstream culture and our language to change in order to accommodate them. 

Are you advertising in any Hispanic media?  If so, please let us know your experience.



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