Intra-preneurs – How to Harness the Power Within

Can big corporations not have leaders? The largest toy companies are managed, not led, by competent managers, not dynamic leaders. 

If a product falls behind three weeks in the development cycle, the designers in the trenches inform management to push the intro back a year and risk losing the entire thing. 



This was not the case at Tyco years ago where the charismatic Dick Gray would let his people know in no uncertain terms – they either get it done or he would find someone that would.     

Steve-jobs-with-iphoneCan major corporations harness that entrepreneurial leadership force that already exists for them internally? Their own "intra-preneurs" should be thusly rewarded by these corporations for success and held accountable for failures, but aren't. 

If a large corporation could compete with the aggressive passion of an upcoming entrepreneurial company – whew! What would that look like? Perhaps they would look more like Apple, under the stewardship of Steve Jobs.  

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