Toy Industry Foundation makes the Today Show

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The Toy Industry Association's charitable arm, the Toy Industry Foundation, has been, for some years now, doing a terrific job of providing toys to kids in need.  Whether it's children who have experienced traumatic events (floods, storms and more); are disadvantaged or who have parents away with the military, the TIF is there to help. 

While in Washington DC last month, I had an opportunity to see the TIF in action.  It was really quite an experienc seeing, in this case disadvantaged children, receiving toys.  One little girl who received a stuffed animal gave it the biggest hug and had the most biatific smile I have ever seen.

So, check out this video of Jean Butler, the TIF Director, with the Today Show's Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.  Also, check out Jean's cow sidekick.  Great job Jean.

Click on the link below to see Jean Butler, the Toy Industry Foundation and the cow on the Today Show.

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