Bryan Stockton New Mattel CEO

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I have just learned that Bryan Stockton will be taking over as Mattel's new CEO next month.  I have found Bryan to be a highly approachable executive with a keen sense of the toy business and a great managerial style.  As importantly, Bryan is always a student.  When I see him, I can always count on him to be asking for other people's perspectives.   In short, I believe that this is not only good for Mattel but it is good for the entire toy industry. 

Here is why: 

Bryan is an internationalist.  For this industry to continue to grow it must do so abroad.  As a Los Angeles Times article,"Mattel CEO Robert Eckert to be replaced by COO Brian Stockton," puts it:  "He's been a key architect behind Mattel's rapid international growth and has also helped shape many of the company's recent growth initiatives."  The toy industry has a mission to increase international sales and Bryan has helped to set the mark for the rest of the industry.

Brian is an industry team player.  Anyone who has experienced Bryan's efforts on behalf of the Toy Industry Association knows him to be a major supporter and leader.  He has put in a great deal of time on behalf of the industry and I can say that each time I have been to Washington DC with the toy industry Bryan has been there. 

Congratulations Bryan and congratulations Mattel on making an excellent choice.



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  1. Dear Sir,
    I as well as many people have written to Mattel asking to please make a Barbie with no hair so every little bald girl fighting cancer feels BEAUTIFUL!! Also, please make a bald Ken, for the boys.
    In fact, Mattel why not make 4 Barbies; name them Faith, Hope, Charity and love; provide them a medical ID bracelet and dress them in pink, purple, lime green, and light blue hospital gowns and donate the proceeds to St. Jude Medical Research or Make a Wish, or a Childrens Cancer Research.
    If you can do anything to promote this, then please help.
    Mary Lou Fisher

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