Why go to The Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair? We ask the Hong Kong Trade Development Council

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Every year in early January, North American toy industry professionals flock to Kowloon to meet with other North American toy industry professionals.  While there, the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair is taking place across the small harbor on Hong Kong Island.  Though most stay one to three weeks, very few North Americans make the twenty minute trip across the harbor to attend the fair.

I always make it a point to attend so am always puzzled by why so few other do.  So, in order to find out what North Americans are missing and to find out how to attend, I contacted the HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council)They kindly agreed to this interview.

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The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is considered one of three major toy shows; the others being Nuremberg and New York.  What will visitors see and experience in Hong Kong that they won't at the other shows?


The Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair is held concurrently the HKTDC Hong Kong Baby Products Fair (9-12 Jan 2012), the Hong Kong International Stationery Fair (9-12 Jan 2012) and the HKTDC Hong Kong International Licensing Fair (9-11 Jan 2012). With all four fairs scheduled for the beginning of 2012, they are expected to draw the attention of buyers from every corner of the globe and enable fruitful trading and valuable intelligence exchanges between exhibitors and buyers.

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What do you think Americans are missing by not attending?


Americans may get some new ideas from their Asian counterparts.  In addition, the Chinese mainland registered the highest attendance (excluding Hong Kong visitors) in 2011. Because of this the fair provided access to the Chinese mainland market, which is a high potential emerging market showing continued growth in toys sales in the past few years.

The fair also takes the advantage of Hong Kong being located at the center of Asia, attracting buyers from all around the world, particularly from Asia, to exchange market intelligence during the fair period.

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What are some of the toy companies that do exhibit at the show?


Some of the key brands that may be exhibiting in Hong Kong are:

  • Hape; Hape Eco
  • Masterkidz
  • Rich; Color Rich
  • Cybergun
  • Geoworld
  • Vtech
  • 4M
  • Collecta
  • House of Toys

In addition, we anticipate that attending licensees will be showing brands like Hello Kitty Magic, Looney Tunes Show and Tom and Jerry.

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If someone wants to attend the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair and wants to know more, who should they contact?


They should contact Joel Tse, Media Relations Executive, and Hong Kong Trade Development council. Email: joel.cy.tse@hktdc.org


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