The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company

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I assume that you, much like me, frequently ponder where to buy your superhero supplies
.  After all, most superheroes (Batman accepted) don’t have the time much less the money to keep replacing torn capes, disguises and weapons.  Hence, we have to buy them somewhere.

S18That somewhere is the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company where you can find pretty much anything you need to fight crime.  According to a New York Times article, “Where Superheroes Can Get Capes or Anti-Matter,” the store is actually a not for profit arm of 826NYC, a free tutoring center for aspiring writers age 6 to 18.

The items they sell are made by volunteers and consist of products like:

  • Immortality Serum (in gallon cans only)
  • Anti-Matter
  • Air Cannons
  • Sonic Blasters
  • Truth Serum
  • Mind Control Potions

What a wonderful idea for a store and what a great cause, teaching children to write.  Good for the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company.  If you want to stop by next time you are in New York you can do so by visiting them at 372 5th Ave in Brooklyn.  Forget the immortality serum though, I bought all they had.

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