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Where Would you Prefer to Preview Your Toys? 

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The Dallas Toy Preview has always been a great trade show for small and large toy brands to come together and preview their upcoming products to buyers from Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and many other retailers.  This year, the show was very busy and every booth I visited was filled with numerous buyers during the entire show.  I noticed an assortment of innovative products for 2012 and I enjoyed various meetings to discuss our new inventions.

I just returned from Dallas this month and the majority of corporate toy companies did not exhibit in Dallas. You have to ask yourself “Why?” Five major toy companies changed their schedules to show, instead, in Los Angeles close to each of their headquarters. Los Angeles based manufacturers Spin Master, Bandai, Jakk’s Pacific, Playmates, and Mattel all chose not to exhibit in Dallas. I met with these retailers the week following Toy Preview and realized Dallas isn’t such a popular meeting place anymore. Los Angeles has sparked a new unofficial toy preview in its place and many buyers are traveling to the West coast for sales meetings to meet with our Los Angeles-based manufacturers. I thought to myself, why Dallas? Is Dallas really the perfect meeting place for West coast and East coast companies to show their products? Why not Las Vegas? Or how about Los Angeles? In my opinion staying local is far more convenient. So I pose this question to you, Dallas or Los Angeles for your toy preview?

Please help answer my question by answering this poll and I’ll be happy to share my results with you in an upcoming blog:

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  1. There are many small toys companies on the West Coast that would benefit from an LA Toy Fair. I suggest holding it in Pasadena Convention Center because Pasadena is much more picturesque etc than downtown LA.

  2. Thank you for your comment Charles.
    With the internet, the world has gotten smaller and I can see why the shows are not as relevant for you but the press is always key and that is good reason to be at these shows.

  3. Sadly, with the internet Toy Previews are becoming irrelevant. I only participate in the NY Toy Fair because I get nationwide media coverage. if not for that, I would not go.

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