Wal-Mart and the Woman Business Owner

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If you are a woman, own a toy company and do not sell your products to Wal-Mart you may want to take another shot.
  Wal-Mart announced last month that it is planning to source $20 billion from American businesses owned by women.   The program, called the "Global Women's Economic Empowerment Initiative,"  will last for five years which means $4 billion per year.  That is $1.5 billion more per year than they are currently sourcing. 

This is a great program for the many women run businesses and one that could mean the difference between continuing or going under for some.  Good for Wal-Mart.

I am interested in seeing how the program will actually work.  Beyond being female, what will be the criteria for deciding on which products get included?  I am also interested in whether, at least for the toy department; this is a zero sum game or whether the department is expanding to accommodate the new vendors. 

We should all keep our eyes on this program.




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  1. Sharon, I really appreciate your sharing your personal experience with Wal-Mart. Three years ago I cold-called five Wal-Mart Market Managers. Each signed Wal-Mart’s intent to purchase (for 44 stores). Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), at that very moment Wal-Mart elected to not take on any new suppliers. With Wal-Mart’s new initiative, I was considering submitting again. Now, maybe not.

  2. Agreed – Good for Walmart! I’m interested to see how this plan is executed as well – especially within the toy industry. Either way, I’m happy to hear of this initiative.

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